Kara, 1-1/2-y-o Female, ADOPTED!

Kara is a beautiful Airedale who has not been given the attention and love she deserves in her short life. Her past is sketchy and we probably will never know the whole story, but it has caused her to be aggressive with other dogs. She was relinquished to ARG by a woman who breeds Standard Poodles and took her as a favor to someone who knew the original owners, who had given her up because she was too strong for them. Kara and a couple of the standard Poodles did not get along, but with people, she is all sweetness and light.

Kara is about 65 lbs (but skinny), is up to date on all her vaccines, and will be evaluated for general health while she is boarding at a local vet’s kennel. She is slated to be spayed this week, and we know she would love to go to a great foster/forever home to recuperate.

She needs someone to commit to her, even if just as a foster. She probably will not be good with small children or other animals right now. But, with your help, we will commit to finding a trainer to teach her how to live with other animals.

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  1. We have an application in to SOAR through Ohio. Kara sounds as though she may do well in our home. We have have no other dogs in our home at this time. We would be interested in more information about Kara. I think we need to complete the process through SOAR first? Please e-mail me if that is not the case and if we need to complete a separate application.
    Thank you

    1. Good morning, Michele. Where in Ohio do you live? Kara is in SC and we typically do not adopt outside of our area except under unusual circumstances. We have a couple of approved applicants who are considering Kara, and we should know by this weekend if either of these applicants are going to adopt her. Your best bet is to proceed with SOAR. We hope you find your Airedale. Thank you, Jackie

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