Kate, ~4 y-o Female, No Longer Available 08-08-18

Kate came to ARG from a rural Tennessee shelter with an unknown history. She was fostered by one of our long-time volunteers who really wanted to keep her, but the foster mom’s 9-year-old female ‘dale didn’t like Kate in her home. The 2-year-old ‘dale and Kate got along great. Sigh. So ARG found her a new home with a couple who had previously had an Airedale but had no other pets and who were committed to training her. Initially, as both the man and woman had to work all day, they had a dog walker come by in mid-afternoon to walk Kate daily. The dog walker soon found it difficult to walk Kate because she was too reactive to other dogs.
Then a lifestyle change: the couple’s grown daughter and 7-year-old granddaughter came to live with them and brought their lab/mountain dog mix. Kate did not like the dog and bit him a couple of times – nothing bad, but it was obvious she did not want him in the house. He soon moved out for reasons unrelated to Kate. But Kate has also had little altercations with another relative’s dog who came to the home.
They hired a trainer to work on Kate’s reactivity to other dogs while on and off leash. The trainer recognized that Kate lacked confidence and taught the couple exercises to try to build that confidence and control Kate’s reactivity. The trainer advised that Kate would benefit from going to dog day care to help build her confidence with other dogs in a controlled setting. The couple were unable to do that.
Here is a comment from the trainer:
“Overall, Kate is a great dog and would be a great family member.
I think that she can learn how to be with other dogs as she’s not showing
aggressive behavior, just fear and inability to use and respect appropriate signals.
With a little practice I think she would be fine.”

Kate needs someone who can commit to providing her with loving attention, physical and mental stimulation, and further training for Kate to become the Airedale that she is destined to be. ARG will commit to helping with the training.

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    1. We have been trying to rescue an Airedale for months now and we can not find one to adopt. We are in California and can’t find any

      1. We are sorry you have not been able to find an Airedale to adopt in CA. These are the CA representatives and their areas. If they have been unable to help you, perhaps contact a breeder who may get a dog returned or may have one used for breeding that the are willing to sell.
        No. California Connie Turner cturner859@aol.com NWATR
        Ventura Co., parts of LA Co., Santa Barbara Co. Ruth Leary Millington atrarescue@aol.com

        Fresno south to Mexican border Linda Tegarden l.tegarden@cox.net

        All other areas Open President@airedalerescue.net

        Good luck in your search for an Airedale.

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