Kate, 5-y-o F/S, ADOPTED MAY 2019

Kate is about 5 years old, but has had a tough year. She came to us from a shelter in rural Tennessee and tick-borne infections but no heart worms(!) and an unknown history.

ARG placed Kate in an Airedale-experienced home with a couple who had a nice big yard and lots of love to give. It seemed like a perfect match and the man and woman were very happy with Kate and Kate seemed to be adjusting well.

Unfortunately, the family dynamics changed when their daughter and granddaughter moved in with their own dog, a Lab. Kate was not happy with the change and didn’t like the other dog. Kate was reactive to other dogs on walks and at the dog park. She seemed to lack confidence and had some anxiety issues and is terrified of thunder. Things further deteriorated because Kate was being left alone a lot during the day and was not getting the attention or exercise that she needed. Kate came back to ARG and is now with a trainer who has worked with her on basic obedience and helping her gain more confidence. She is much better interacting with other dogs now and is ready for a home.

Kate is super-sweet and lovable, great with kids (above the age of 6 or so), loves to ride in the car and go on walks, and loves her squeaky toys. Kate needs attention and exercise, commitment and consistency, patience and love. Are you the one for her?