Katie — ADOPTED October 2014

Meet Katie. She’s been in our care for a little over a month after being found as a stray in GA. She’s estimated to be between 4-8 years old and, yes, that’s a wide range. But her mom and her vet think she’s closer to the younger side. The older range is based on her having worn-down teeth and a few missing teeth in front. But, she’s playful and energetic and eats well. She gets along great with her two Aire-brothers and loves everyone, even other dogs on her walks. In fact, when her foster mom first brought her home from the vet, she rode well in her Fiat, uncrated with another little dog and a crate of kittens and did well. She is tall enough to knock over a stand in the kitchen where some food is stored, but she is only around 40 lbs, so very much an AKC-sized female Airedale. She did not bark at all at first, then showed a little tiny peep type bark. Now once in a while she lets out what sounds like a real bark. She apparently has some visual impairment. The vet said she has hazy eyes, but can see directly in front of her. She can get jumpy, but responds to gentle correction. House training still not perfected, but has shown continuous improvement. She is a happy girl and is learning about toys and wants someone to dote on her for the rest of her life and continue the love that her foster family has shown her.