Katie, ADOPTED 9/2016

Katie has found herself needing a new home through no fault of her own. Her humans’ lives have changed and they can no longer give her the attention or exercise that she needs. They haven’t been able to devote time to training her so she’s become too rambunctious for the young children (5, 6, and 2), jumping and nipping at them relentlessly. She’ll need a strong leader who can teach her some much-needed manners and train her to walk on leash, which she doesn’t like at all. She doesn’t mind baths (really!) and goes willingly into the family pool, but she doesn’t like grooming and the groomer can’t really do her face. Sounds like a stubborn terrier to me!

As for other dogs, Katie’s socialization hasn’t been extensive. A relative of the family has a 2-year-old chocolate lab who towered over Katie when she was a pup, so she’s always been intimidated by him. As a result, she doesn’t like him in her territory and won’t play with him now. An older adult in the family has an elderly chihuahua that pretty much stays in its mom’s lap and Katie wants to play with her, but the chi is too feeble and can’t play. We would not recommend putting her with a very small dog; perhaps she can learn to live with a dog her size.

Katie is about 50-55 lbs and is a really sweet dog. When she and the mom are alone in the house, she is wonderful one-on-one. She is house-broken, uses a dog door, and enjoys playing fetch in her fenced yard.

If you have the time and experience to train a willful, rambunctious Airedale pup, Katie may be the one for you.