Kaycee – Adopted 9/2012

When Kaycee came to ARG, she had a broken leg and she was in a lot of pain.  Her break was old and not fixable so a surgery called FHO, femoral head ostectomy  was performed to remove the head of her femur bone so that it did not jam into her hip.  It is a common procedure and she can recover from it completely.  Her other options included total hip replacement or amputation.  She became an ARG ‘dale when her foster mom Pat brought her into our care and she deserves the chance to try to walk on all 4 legs without pain so it was a FHO surgery was her best option. 


Kaycee’s leg after surgery

A week later, Kaycee was at her foster family’s house and you would never know she had been through anything.  She is all puppy and loves, loves to stick that nose right into you for attention.  In her foster home, there are 3 cats that live inside and 3 that live outside and she wants to play with all of them.  They aren’t particularly fond of her, so they run and spit which hurts Kaycee’s feelings.  She wants to play and gets a little abrupt which they don’t like. They spit and slap at her but she does not try to hurt them.  One of the cats is blind and hasn’t figured out that dogs are his enemy so he plays with Kaycee a lot. He is so small and she is much bigger!  It is a sight to see and the foster mom monitors their play so that she does not get too excited and accidentally hurt the only kitty that will acknowledge her!

Kaycee is 50 lbs. and very small.  She moves all the time and is very active but she could  gain a few more pounds but she will never be a big dog.  She is not an alpha personality but would rather follow her leader.  It is a good thing not to be alpha and in charge, but the downside to that is she is a follower and you would have to be very careful of her not following whatever comes in her path.

Now, Kaycee is precious but she  does need training and supervision, afterall, she is a puppy.   She chews EVERYTHING!  It would not be wise to leave her unsupervised in your home.  In her foster home, they are working on crate training and house training and it will take a while for her to get it.  Thankfully, her foster family is consistent.  She sleeps in her crate at night (although she is not fond of it) and she stays in her crate all day while her foster mom is at work.  She will need exercise in order for her to learn to use her leg again. When she is running around the backyard she limps and pulls that leg up, but when she is  on leash and walking next to her foster mom, she puts weight on her leg.  Leash walking is good rehab for Kaycee’s leg.  Of course, Kaycee is allowed to go into the back yard and sniff and explore but its the daily leash walking when she is side by side with someone that she can concentrate on her 4 leg walk.

Overall Kaycee is a winner of a dollbaby. A true keeper.  She is moldable and teachable and eager to please.  Her house training is coming along nicely, but will need to be kept up in her new home.  She is worth the investment and will live a long life for a lucky companion. She is adorable, lovable and oh so ready to please. She is loving with children and other animals and wants your undivided attention and love in return. 
Kaycee is up to date on all shots, heartworm negative and has been microchipped.  Her stitches have been removed from her FHO surgery and she continues with her rehabilitation of leash walking and practicing to use her newly fixed leg!
Kaycee and her host sister Abby. Notice the shaved leg which is the FHO surgery leg. Kaycee gets around well – her mission is the yard and all of the good smells.
Cute Kaycee and her foster sister Abby in the back

Kaycee loves the yard
Kaycee sniffing in the air!