Klancey, 5 yr old Female Spayed, AL, Airedale Rescue Group, Adopted May 2021

Klancey has been through a lot in the last several months.  Her owner died and the owner’s son took her in with his 2 other female Airedales.  She did not get along with the one Airedale.  Then the son died.  Now she is looking for a new forever home where she can be the Airedale Princess she wants to be.  Klancey has had a recent issue with a hematoma on her one ear and it will need veterinary attention to help that heal.


Age 5 years, DOB 03/17/2016
Gender Female spayed
Weight 78 pounds
Microchip Yes, that will be given to my adopter
Heartworm Negative
History I was bought as a puppy and lived with my owner until he died.  Then his son took me in. 
Crate-Trained Yes, I will use one at night but daytime I am closed off in an area separate from the other 2 dogs.
Fence A fenced yard would be preferred
Children I have not been around children
Cats I will chase the cats.  
Other I am housetrained and like to sleep in bed with my people. I do well in the car.  I have a high prey drive so I am not to be trusted with cats, chickens, or small dogs.  I do need a refresher with leash walking and obedience.