Lacey, 8yo Female, ADOPTED SEPT. 2018

Lacey is a beautiful spayed Airedale of about 50 pounds who had lived a wonderful life with a devoted dad in Colorado and a male sidekick Airedale until this past January, when she and the male, Zeus, accompanied her dad on a hunting trip to Alabama. Unfortunately, dad had a serious stroke and was hospitalized first in AL, then in Colorado, so Lacey and Zeus stayed in AL with friends. After 7 long months, with dad back in Colorado, it became obvious that he would never be able to live on his own and had to move into a nursing home. His friend of many years, also in Colorado, contacted ARG to take Lacey & Zeus. (See Zeus’ profile.)

The friend lived with the dad for 11 years and knows both dogs well; she even has one of Lacey’s pups from the one litter Lacey had. She describes Lacey as a sweetheart who loves kids (ages 7 & up), loves to go on walks, loves to ride in the car, and loves to be groomed (when you say, “Let’s go to the beauty shop,” she gets very excited). She was accustomed to a fenced yard but lived in the house and is house-broken and very spoiled. Although Lacey was fine with the woman’s Shih-Tzu, she is very protective of her people when other dogs come around.

We know that Lacey has not been on heartworm preventative in the time she’s been in AL (and we’re not sure about prior to that) and has lived in an outside kennel. Lacey is with a trusted vet in AL where she will be checked over head-to-toe, brought up to date on all vaccines, tested and treated for any parasites, bathed, microchipped, and boarded until we can find a suitable foster/forever home. She is very matted, so we may need to have her shaved down as the vet’s office doesn’t have a groomer.

We believe Lacey will do fine with plenty of exercise, lots of back rubs, maybe an adolescent kid or two, and another Airedale once she gets to know him/her. She’ll love a nice back yard to run around in, but keep the C*TS away from her.

Can you provide the loving home for this sweet girl?

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  1. My boyfriend’s dream dog is an Airedale. I sent him the link to Lacey. Is there any up front cost to foster her and have the possibility for adoption later?

    1. Hi, again, Kristina. When someone fosters for Airedale Rescue Group, they are responsible for food, toys, beds, leashes, etc. ARG pays any medical costs. Foster parents do get first right of refusal to adopt. As stated in my email to you on Aug. 25, we will need an application from your boyfriend, then he will be interviewed by phone by one of our volunteers, then he will require a home visit before he will be considered for fostering or adoption. Thank you for your interest.

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