Lilly, 11-y-o F/S, AL – ADOPTED!

After 11 years as a beloved pet, Lilly finds herself needing a new home because her mom had to go into a nursing facility and she ended up in a shelter.  She seems to be in pretty good health for a senior Airedale, but does have a bit of hip dysplasia. She’s quite calm and doesn’t require a lot of exercise, but would appreciate a short walk or two or a leisurely stroll around the backyard. Lilly is 70 lbs, but vet records indicate she was 95 lbs just two years ago.

I’m sorry we do not have a photo; the shelter posted one of her and all you could tell was this was an Airedale in need of — at the very least — grooming. She was so matted that she had to be shaved down to the skin. We will get a photo this week. 

If you have the heart for a senior girl who’s been loved all her life and just would like a soft place to land, please fill out an application here.