Lucy (or Lucy goosey) is about one year old and such an open book for loving, living and leanring new things! Lucy has no prey drive and seems to think cats are really fun to interact and play with. This is one of our rare cat friendly Airedales. Lucy will get into the play bow position and sway her behind and try to get her cat friends to play. The experienced cats have met a few foster ‘dales and are not as eager. She is learning to sit on command and has adapted very well to being crated. Lucy is a toy nut. Perhaps she never had toys? She appreciates toys now though! She is very active, gets along well with other dogs but needs some obedience work. She likes to snatch papers off the table and jump up to investigate what’s on the counters, just like any young dog would do until taught better. Someone with patience and a firm hand (NOT HARSH) will be able to do wonders with Lucy! She will from time to time howl at a passing siren but is easily dissuaded by telling her “quiet” or “no”. She does not seem to be afraid of anything. Lucy’s feet are splayed a bit, probably from being raised in an outdoor kennel on a hard surface.

Lucy is about 55 lbs.