Luda, Female, 4 yrs old, GA, Airedale Rescue Group Adopted

Luda is an almost 4-year-old female (DOB 3/18/2018), 85 lb, Airedale Terrier being surrendered by a breeder because she has been diagnosed with Hypothyroidism and requires medication, take .7 mg of levothyroxine daily for this condition.  Hypothyroidism is a condition in which the thyroid produces too much hormone which can result in excessive weight gain in dogs.  Because of this Luda cannot be used for breeding and is being rehomed. Luda will need to be spayed and ARG will cover the costs.

About Luda:

·         Outside dog (lives outside; rarely in the home), Fenced yard

Airedale Crate Training & Hours Alone (check all that apply to your Airedale): Crate – hates it, freaks out, refuses to be crated, Crate is an airline kennel, Used to being alone 6-8 hours·

Airedale behaviors  (check all that apply to your Airedale): Barks when someone new enters our home, Leash: Good leash walker, Grooming: Loves it, Car: Good in-car – loves it, Food: Good eater

Airedale Interactions  (check all that apply to your Airedale): Children: Never been and children; only seen from distance, Cats: Never been around cats

Any other medical condition or treatment: Hypothyroidism, gaining weight easily, feed weight management dog food.  She is maintained on 0.7 mg of levothyroxine (a relatively inexpensive medication).  Luda will require periodic testing of her thyroid levels per veterinary recommendation

Explain the dog being an escape artist (escapes from the fenced area, sneaks outdoors):: No

Dog’s best qualities are:: She is loving, likes to be with me, (you), very smart, a little stubborn but not bad. Gorgeous coat.

Dog’s worst qualities are:: Lots of energy, would be a good dog to take hiking or other outdoor activities. Dominant with other females (which maybe because she is not spayed). Doesn’t like to be crated.  She will go in if you throw some food in and lock the door.

Has Airedale received any obedience training? If yes, please describe.: Little, she will sit, stay, jump in the car on command, out on command, understands “NO”. She understands the word “stand”, for grooming.

Food: Name: Purina Weight Management; Amount: Free choice (ARG recommends feeding a defined amount twice per day to help with weight management, however veterinary consultation is recommended).