Mack, 5-y-o M/N, ADOPTED 05/17/19!

When an Airedale is big, there is so much more to love! Introducing Mack, built Mack Truck strong, a 5 yo, 83 lbs Airedale, who has found himself without a home through no fault of his own.  

From foster Mom: Mack is beautiful & sweet. What a love! He is looking to bond with you. When we sit in the barn, he hops up on the trunk and sits with us. Mack plays catch and retrieves a small Frisbee. He likes to hug and be hugged back. He walks great on a leash, sits and shakes. He loves the attention when groomed. He rides well in the car. He loves to have his ears rubbed and it’s a good distraction for better behavior. Jumping up happens when he is excited. We are working on that.  Dig/chew outside? That’s one of his favorite outdoor pastimes. You must keep him tired with walks and play. Chew inside? Yes, only when bored and not given other suitable distractions. Mack loves his naps too! 

Medically he is healthy. Mack’s vaccinations are current, neutered, HW/Lyme/Ehrlichia/Anaplasmosis negative and microchipped. He is not fond of other male dogs, unless they’re quite laid-back and more Omega than Alpha. He prefers female dogs even if they are a bit dominant. No small dogs or cats or other furry animals. 

Perfect home for Mack? Someone home most of the day who wants to bond with Mack. Someone who will play with Mack expend his puppy-like energy. Someone who can handle a big dog who loves to lean against you but who might jump up when excited. He especially likes men, but loves the ear rubs or back scratches from a woman too. He does have a FOG HORN BARK so NOT for an apartment or condo dweller.