Macy, 7-y-o, East TN ADOPTED 08/2017

Macy is a very sweet and protective seven-year old Airedale who wants to spend almost all her time with you. This 80 pound girl (a picky eater, just a large Airedale!) will climb the fence to come to the front door to be let in after a potty break. Occasionally, she decides to take herself for a neighborhood walk. She has become very afraid of loud noises such as gunshots or thunder. Macy loves men and women but has lived without much experience with children or other dogs. She’s a couch potato who wants you as the center of her life. Macy needs training to learn she is safe when you are out of sight and that she doesn’t need to protect you from everyone. She would benefit from structure, positive training, and an Airedale savvy family who will be dedicated leash walkers.

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