Maddie – 8-9 years old – Adopted

Adopt this beautiful girl!

Maddie’s Big Smile!

Maddie, after a few months in foster care

Maddie in her new home!

Maddie is a 9-year-old Airedale whose life changed suddenly a year ago when her elderly owner died. She’s waggy and loving. She’ll practically push you over for petting. She comes when she’s called, she crates easily, gets into the tub for a bath easily, has good house manners, loves to be pampered with brushing. She’s energetic and very compliant. Even stops digging when asked! She loves to be outside. She loves walks and bouncing around the yard. She hops into her crate to eat, plays with toys, and walks on leash very nicely!

Maddie is good with a routine. She doesn’t like to get wet so if it’s raining she will go out to potty but wants right back inside. The same if it’s very cold outside.
She is SO used to being crated she will seek it out. She still loves to be groomed, brushed, etc. Although she can’t live with men, she doesn’t have a problem with male visitors for short periods of time. She’s okay with other dogs outside, but she cannot live with another dog in the house.

Since she’s been in foster care, a vet diagnosed a thyroid condition which is controlled by inexpensive daily medication. She is up to date on her shots, spayed, microchipped, and heartworm negative.

If you can open your heart to this special senior girl-dale, you will be rewarded with loads of unconditional love from Maddie.

Maddie July 2012
Hello Sunshine!

Madddie steps outside on a hot day in TN