Maddox, 6-yo M/N, ADOPTED!

At 6 years old, Maddox finds himself looking for a new family and home for the rest of his life.

His family is moving unexpectedly and cannot take him with them. They tell us that Maddox is a great dog, whose only bad habit is stealing loaves of bread off the counter (hmm!) or howling a little when the family is outside and he is inside. Maddox is very loving, loyal, intelligent, gentle, and friendly. He gets along great with other dogs, large and small, and even likes cats.

He has 2 human sisters, ages 2 and 5 and loves them. We even have a photo of this 70-lb boy being walked by the 2-year-old child using a Gentle Leader. He doesn’t let the children lie on him, though,  as their 3-yo yellow lab does. He is tolerant and gentle with them and just walks away. He’s not a barker even when encountering another dog on walks, and doesn’t get upset; he just wants to meet them. 

Maddox would love to have a home with:

  • A backyard to run around in and chase squirrels
  • Another canine companion
  • A comfy bed inside
  • Good quality food to clear up his skin issues and yeasty ears
  • And, lots of love and attention from his people.

Are we describing your home?