Maggie, 4-1/2 yo Female, ADOPTED MAY 20, 2018!

Maggie has made remarkable progress with her foster mom/trainer. They have been walking and practicing in lots of environments. We watched the local college tennis team practice this week with lots of noises and balls flying . We worked up to standing right on the fence and she was great.
Went to Lowes and watched lots of people coming and going, guys let us stand close while they loaded soil with a fork lift. She was great and got lots of compliments.

Maggie has become a really good dog with structure and exercise.
I am sure her issues are her tendency toward over excitement and anxiety with new things . She is really not aggressive . She is inclined to be obedient when you are patient and consistent with her.

Her main issue now is seeing other dogs on leash. I think deer are just big dogs to her. She wants to charge in and great them with paws on. Will be practicing at the vet, at Petsmart as well as the parking lot at Woofers to desensitize her to this trigger.She will not do well with small children. An active adolescent might be really good to help her expend her energy.

Maggie prefers and needs lots of outside time to exercise and watch the squirrels and other critters. But she’s very much an Airedale with a strong prey drive, so she will require a securely fenced back yard. She has become very good on a “transitional” leash backed up with a Martingale collar, but her person must be proactive and be ready to intervene if she sees another dog or critter while on her walks. It takes not only good handling skills, but knowing how to read her to see if she’s becoming anxious.

Maggie will need someone with plenty of time and commitment to follow-up with the foundation work that has been done by our trainer, but we all believe this big gorgeous girl can become a great companion for someone for many years to come.

Are you up to the challenge of Maggie? We’ll pledge continued consultation from our trainer if you need it.