Odie, 1-1/2-y-o M/N Fostering in NC

Odie finds himself without a home because his parents got a divorce and the mom had to move in with relatives and could not take him. The dad didn’t really want him but he kept the house and yard and agreed to give Odie water and food. Odie has lived in the backyard most of his short life. We know little about him but suspect he’s had very little socialization with either dogs or people, though he was very good with the couple’s children (ages 4, 5, 9) and good with the grandfather’s 5-y-o female Airedale.

Odie is good on leash, good in the car, and loves people. The only bad thing they’ve said about him is he guards his food bowl. That’s easy to train out of him with love and patience. 

Odie is being boarded with a vet where he’ll be brought up to date on all vaccines and neutered. He has to have a home by Thursday, May 23rd! 

This sweetheart of a boy-dale needs a foster home immediately. ARG will of course support him with medical care if needed and work with the foster family to help them acclimate him to their home. 

(He wouldn’t look at the camera; we hope to get a better photo.)

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    1. Good morning, Francisco. Thank you for your message. If you are interested in adopting, and IF you are in our region: NC, SC, TN, GA, or AL, you may submit an application here under “Adopt.” That is the first step in our process. Odie is being adopted and will go to his new home this weekend.

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