Oscar, 2-1/2 yo M/N ADOPTED 08/24/19

Oscar came to us from a woman who had serious life changes that made it impossible to keep him. He had lived outside in a pen with a shed for protection. We have had him neutered, brought up to date on vaccines, tested for parasites including heart worms (all negative!), and bathed and groomed. He is a healthy, happy, playful boy who loves to jump up to get your attention. He’s had no training so that will be the first thing you’ll need to work on with him. Oscar doesn’t like other male dogs or small dogs, in general, and he is NOT safe with cats. He has not lived in a home, so house manners must be addressed. I’ve never met an Airedale who did not immediately take to house training. 

If you have the time and patience to teach Oscar how to be a well-mannered Airedale, he will return the favor with lots of kisses and 10-12 years of unconditional love, loyalty, and Airedale antics.