Our Mission

Since 2000, our Airedale Rescue Group volunteers have stood ready to foster, train, and place their loving charges. As the Southeast’s oldest and largest Airedale rescue group, we are honored to help Airedales find new forever homes each year.

We serve North and South Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, and Alabama and assist in other states as requested by Airedale Rescue groups serving that region.

It is the mission of the Airedale Rescue Group to rescue and place as many full bred Airedales as possible. Using a small band of 10 volunteers we:

  • Field inquiries about dogs which need to come into rescue, transport dogs, interview perspective parents, do home visits, and place dogs
  • Maintain contact with shelters, breeders and other organizations who have dogs for foster or adopt
  • Bring all dogs up to date on their shots, preventative medicines and ensure that all dogs are neutered/spayed
  • Using a combination of telephone, site visits and follow up calls we ensure the best dog has the most suitable adoptive parents


3 Replies to “Our Mission”

  1. I’m registered with ATRA and SOAR but am looking​for an adult Airedale! I’ve been the blessed “mother” of two boys,my last one Buddy crossed the Rainbow Bridgein October​! I’ve so missed the Airedale personality that I can’t imagine another breed but I do want to save one!
    I did great with both rescue places but mostly puppies!.I found several dogs on your site but can’t always tell if their adoptable.
    Please let me know which ones are adoptable not a puppy tho
    Thank you for your attention to this, I really miss having a special Airedale in my life!

  2. We have a 20 month old female Airedale that we need to rehome. We would be more comfortable about this process if we could speak with someone from this organization. We love her dearly and want to make sure she is going to a loving home. Please email me with directly and I will give you my phone number.

    1. Hi, Phil. I hope by now you and Sue Taylor have had an opportunity to talk about your female Airedale. Sometimes these messages on our web site take a while to come to us. You mentioned you were working with a trainer for your ‘dale. We look forward to working with you. Jackie Cash

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