Airedales, in general, are very healthy and hardy animals. Some do have health problems, but in many cases, these are only minor.

Airedales, like all other larger breeds, have occurrences of hip dysplasia. These cases are not common but the possibility should be addressed. When selecting a puppy, always question the breeder about the condition of the parents’ hips. Many breeders have preliminary hip x-rays done at a year of age (these x-rays cannot be sent in for an OFA number), prior to beginning a “show” career.

Airedales, like many terriers, may have “itchy” skin. This could be a sign of many things. Sometimes it is nothing more than a dietary problem, and sometimes it is a symptom of hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism. All of the above can normally be treated and controlled easily. “Itchy” skin may also be a symptom of allergies. These allergies may be food or other. My experience has been that the first place to start is with the diet. Some Airedales do better on a quality lamb and rice food, others do not.

Always take the time to keep your Airedale’s ears clean and dry (this helps prevent infections or irritations.), toenails trimmed, teeth cleaned (doing this at home on a regular basis can prevent gum disease and other dental problems, and it is good practice for trips to the vet) and remember to keep the hair trimmed between the pads.

Always consult with your veterinarian and breeder about any health concerns.