Padme, 9 yr old Female/Spayed, SC, Airedale Rescue Group, Adopted May 2021

Padme (pad-mae) is finding herself looking for a new forever home. She is a sweet, adult-oriented, 78 pound, exuberant girl looking for the love of a new mom, dad, or both.  She has not spent time with children and, as a result, they make her nervous.
Padme is doing great in foster care.  She is mingling with the other dogs where she lives and taking walks with them.  Although she wants to play with them, she moves slowly and cannot keep up with the younger dogs. She has been started on joint supplements to help her.  She is fed separately from the other dogs, as are all the dogs in this home.
Her foster mom writes, “Just a sweet, easy dog. Very good with her routine. She has gotten a good bit of exercise this week and very much enjoys being outside.  We started dog interactions with walking together and then progressed to all dogs off-leash. Padme is fine with my Airedales as well as Giddy my wire-haired dachshund. She gets excited to be out with them but settles pretty quickly. Padme is not physically able to be a rough player.  I find Padme to be a wonderful, sweet dog. I would think she should be an easy candidate for adoption to someone wanting an older, easy going dog.”
Padme does have an approved adopter meeting her in the near future.  Fingers crossed they will fall in love with this sweet girl. 
Age 9
Gender Female Spayed
Weight 78 pounds
Microchip Yes, that will be given to my adopter
Heartworm Negative
I was brought home as a pup and have lived with the same person since I was a baby.  
Crate-Trained Love it.  I sleep in my crate at night, and I am crated when the humans leave me. If I get anxious, I will go in my crate.  Please have one for me.  Yes, but I prefer the comfort of your bed
Fence  I like a fenced yard, but you can walk me all the time. I will not go to a home with an electric fence – Yikes!
I have never been around children.  I have only seen them from a distance. I will guard my toys and food, and I don’t like to share so, it would be best for me to have an adult home.
Cats I really don’t know what a cat is so let’s say, no
Dogs I get in trouble with the small dog because I don’t like to share my things with him.  But, my foster is going to see how I do with dogs my own size. 
Other Other things you should know about me:  I am house trained, and I love people, especially my man.  I am an exuberant girl that will come running toward you and attempt to jump when I am excited. While I have been possessive of both food and toys it was not a big deal until that little dog came here.  I warn it by being loud vocalization and teeth showing. I am an inside dog and I love car rides and grooming. I am not a fan of other dogs and will need some work with leash walking again. She is a healthy girl and will be due for vaccines and heartworm testing in July 2021.
If you are an approved applicant with Airedale Rescue Group and you think Padme is a good fit for your home please contact us at  If you are interested in applying to adopt Padme, please visit the Adoption page of our website and complete an application. Adoption – Airedale Rescue Group