Porter is adopted!

Porter is two years old, loves hiking, care trips and other dogs, and would love a new home and family that can appreciate his sweet personality.

Porter loves to be scratched and petted. He enjoys relaxing and loves to lay by the fireplace and on his bed. He is good at dog parks and on hikes. He is very loyal, loving and protective of his people. Porter wants to be with you all the time. He has been on long car trips and loves it. He eats treats and bones and is very motivated by food.

Porter knows basic commands (sit, down, lay down, stay). Porter has always been well cared for and knows that to look good, he will need grooming and he loves to be groomed! It is easy to cut nails and bathe him. He will eat and drink out of the same bowl with other dogs, not food aggressive at all.

Porter is a great guard dog. He loves older children who can tell him no however he should not be with young children. He is not a cat friendly dog.