Ralph, 9-y-o Male, ADOPTED March 2018

Meet Ralph, a 9-y-o neutered male who thinks he’s 3! He is being given up because he’s so high energy that his owners can’t keep up with him. They’re retired and travel a lot and weren’t planning on having another large dog. But their son and daughter-in-law gave Ralph to them because they had a baby and Ralph didn’t like all the noise and erratic movements of a 1 year old. The baby’s antics made him anxious and one day he just walked over to the squealing baby and bumped him with his head and knocked him over. So, mom and dad decided he needed to go live with the grandparents. They live on a lake and Ralph loves to go swimming and running around chasing squirrels. He goes all day long and seems indefatigable! They take him on walks in the neighborhood on leash as well and he’s a great companion. At night, he loves to cuddle next to them.

We believe Ralph will do great with an active family, even children, if they’re school age, 6 and up, and taller than him. He is great with other dogs, has never shown an ounce of aggression toward any other animal. (He has seen cats but not lived with one.) He is the picture of health and has never had any health issues. His hips and joints are great, he has a gorgeous coat and skin, and he’s ready for his forever home.

Are you energetic enough for Ralph?

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  1. We just lost our 9 year old Airedale Duke after a almost a yearlong battle with lymphoma.
    We “rescued” Duke from a family in our area who was upsizing their family and down sizing ther house. He was treated well by his former family but flourished once he came to live with us.

    Duke enjoyed his daily walks and car rides and his s fenced in yard. We are interested in inviting another Airedale into our home.

    1. Hi, Mike. Thanks for your messsge about Ralph. I’m so sorry you lost your boy, Duke. To be considered for adoption, please fill out an application on this site. If you are in our region, we will consider you: NC SC TN GA AL.

  2. I like Ralph! I had a wire fox terrier, Hank, who I just recently lost to old age and miss Hank terribly. I want to adopt another terrier and Ralph looks a lot like my Hank. If I could adopt him, he would have lots of soft beds, my bed, treats, walks, good food, toys, lots of love and attention, I have had terriers all my life, love their curly hair, their wild and woolly personality, my dad got me my first wire fox terrier when I was 12, and always loved their energy. If Ralph can get a ride to New York to my home, we also have lots of parks near my condo building for dogwalking and playing. At this time I prefer to adopt an adult dog, not a puppy, so Ralph is what I am looking for, a fun loving terrier. Let me know if he can come to New York city, Manhattan, the big apple. I have plenty of time for my new dog now as I am retired, still young but retired and would be able to give Ralph boy an active, permanent and wonderful home. thank you, Lois P.s. you can call my cell 917 536 8450, leave a voicemail and I return all calls as soon as possible.

    1. Good morning, Lori. Thank you for your message regarding Ralph. Ralph was adopted in March 2018, so he is not available. To be considered for adopting through ARG, if you live in our region: NC, SC, TN, GA, or AL, please fill out an application on this site. We have many approved applicants waiting for the right Airedale, but you must go through the application process first. Thank you.

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