Rose, adopted 10/2013

Rose turned up in a shelter in GA, filthy, her coat matted to the skin, infected ears, and heart worm positive. After some careful, radical grooming, she is clean and mat-free and her ears have cleared up. She is undergoing heart worm treatment in her foster home where she gets along great with the resident 75-lb male Doberman. He is larger than she is – she’s about 50-55 lbs – and he’s a puppy, but she loves playing with him. Rose needs lots of loving care to get her through heart worm treatment and she needs someone who can teach her to sit (longer than 5 seconds!), stay, come, leave it, etc. She currently prefers to be outside, but she’s fine inside in a crate. She has learned to love rides in the car. She likes people fine, but she should not live with a dog smaller than she is.

Are you the one who can give Rose a comfy spot in your home for the rest of her life? At around 3-5 years old, Rose has lots of years to love you back!