Rosie, <2 y-o Female, ADOPTED 10-27-18

What a wonderful girl Rosie is and she’s lucky because we were alerted to her being surrendered and were in a position to get her. Her owner was experiencing financial difficulty and could no longer keep her. A wonderful former adopter got Rosie and another former adopter/foster mom brought Rosie home with her pack. Unfortunately, the foster mom had some health issues so Rosie has had to be boarded at the vet’s since about the 21st of Sept.

She was not in great shape — she had lost a lot of hair because of a skin infection. She’s been treated with antibiotics and, with good food, her skin is clearing up and her hair is growing back. She had worms (but NO Heart WORMS!), and she now is up to date on all vaccines, spayed, and on flea/tick preventative and heart worm preventative. She even had her teeth cleaned, so she is healthy, happy, and ready for her home.

Rosie has been an outside dog who could climb the “goat fence” (large wire squares) but she can learn to live inside because she is a very smart girl. Rosie’s BD is 12/25/2016 so she’ll soon be 2 years old. The kennel staff tells us that she loves everyone, has tons of energy, and just wants to play. She doesn’t react aggressively to the other dogs in the kennel.

Rosie will need lots of training to learn how to be a good family member. If you have the patience, determination, and commitment to put into training her, you will be rewarded with years of love and play and joy from this beautiful Aire-girl.

Please give her a chance!

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  1. I would love more info on Rosie! Weight, size expected weight/size? I have previously owned two Airedales. My all time favorite breed! Family member! I am active and completely understand their activity level. I live alone and would be thrilled to have a roommate! I would prefer a smaller size Airedale. I’ve seen some that are huge. Rosie looks like a typical average size not too thick but hard tell from just this one pic. I love the sound of her personality as my longtime love, Alfred, was very difficult with other dogs. He just didn’t have much interaction with others as a pup. Very devoted to me, almost jealous! I would like an Airedale, not too old and set in their ways. Two is still a puppy! Anxious to hear more about her! In live in Ga so getting to her would be easy. Please let me hear from you soon. Had to put my last dog down (rescue) after 17 years a very sweet lab mix. I have really missed not having a dog! I hate hearing she been living at the vet but glad she got the medical attention. I look forward to hearing from you!

    1. Hi, Kim. Thank you for contacting us about Rosie. I’m sorry you lost your lab mix, but 17 years is a wonderful, long life! We have a home waiting for Rosie (and I must update our web page), but it will be this coming week before we can place her there due to the travel plans of the adopter. However, we would love to help you find an Airedale. Please fill out the adoption application here: One of our volunteers will contact you for an interview and we’ll follow that with a home visit. Once you are approved, you will be considered for any Airedale we get into rescue that would suit your situation. Thank you, again for contacting us and for considering a rescued Airedale.

      1. So glad Rosie found a home. But sad for me. Please let me know if things don’t work out. Mean while I’ll send the application.

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