Sam, 2 – 3 years old, ADOPTED 12-27-15!

This beautiful Aire-boy is going to be a special project for someone. We got him early this summer from a man who kept him on a chain in his backyard for the first 2 years of his life. He went to an approved home in TN, but they soon realized that he was an escape artist. They built an 8-ft tall wooden fence and Sam would scale that fence and run away. They decided to try an electronic fence installed inside the 8-ft fence and keep him because they love him. Now they say Sam is “just too wild and the fences aren’t working,” so he needs a new home.

The dad says that Sam is a wonderful, loving, playful, typical 2-year-old Airedale. But if they let him stay outside any length of time, he will go over the fence. They take him sometimes to the local dog park and he loves playing with the other dogs… for a few minutes. Then over the fence he goes and they have to wait for him to tire out to come back to them. If they go after him, he runs. Inside the house, he is a love. He is house trained, happy, sleeps beside their bed at night, and loves to cuddle and play with their miniature Schnauzer.

Sam is walked morning and evening and gets outside play time with the family’s children (ages 7 and 13) when they get home from school.

Sam is going to be a challenge to keep him from escaping wherever he goes. He will require that his new parents never leave him unattended in the yard or let him off-leash anywhere.

Sam is 2-1/2 to 3 and between 55 and 60 lbs.

Please help Sam find a secure home before Christmas!