Josie is currently in foster care as she goes through heart worm treatment. Josie is estimated between age 6-8 yrs old. She is 53 lb and her veterinarian says her ideal weight is around 50 lb. Josie will have another Heartworm treatment in another 30 days, around July 3. Then, she must be quiet for 30 additional days. Josie came into ARG care with so many ticks! Her veterinarian had never seen so many on a dog, It was no surprise that Josie tested positive for tick born illness which she is being treated for by a 30 day round of doxy.

Josie is a Velcro dog. She follows you everywhere. She is smart and inquisitive. She is learning to play, we do not believe that Josie had toys previously.

She’s a good leash walker. She explores and sniffs when in her fenced back yard.








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