Sweet Hope Gets Her Wings. 1990-2010.

Beautiful, happy Hope—a 20-year testament to the heart and spirit of Airedales everywhere. She brought an abundance of joy to those around her for two decades before crossing the Rainbow Bridge last week . Hope was a rescued Airedale and deeply loved by her mom, Gale Ford. Gale is a longtime lover of Airedales and cherished friend to ARG. She has served hundreds of ‘Dales with her generous heart. Now we would like to do something in honor of Hope. Hope was a certified therapy dog for the Intermountain Therapy Dog Program. Vote in a contest for a grant that would really help the program. It is easy and would honor Hope.

  1. Go to www.betterworldbooks.com
  2. Click Vote Now at the top of the screen.
  3. Click Intermountain Therapy Dog Program
  4. Scroll down and click to vote.