Tatum, age 9, adopted 8/14

Tatum is a perfect age 9 Airegirl. She is perfect sized at 50lb and she is up to date and ready for adoption. Tatum has lived with a golden retriever sister for the past 5 yrs and she loves her very much. She has bonded to her. Tatum has been taught manners and obedience but needs a refresher and a leader to remind her of all she is capable of. At age 9, Tatum has the energy and activity level of a young pup. Constantly looking for something fun or to make a game of things.

Tatum has always been well cared for. She has enjoyed yummy bones and treats each day to keep her teeth pearly white. She is a good weight and is a good walker. She needs someone to build her back up but she is ready to be a walking companion.

Tatum is good for grooming. She likes to look pretty!

Tatum is in temporary foster care and she is a loving sweet girl who craves human attention. She is always curious about what her foster mom is doing. She’s an energetic girl. She meets neighbors and other dogs and is happiest being engaged with humans

An Airedale family will appreciate her true Airedale spirit.