Tessa – former cool ARG ‘dale

Tessa came into ARG in early 2010 from GA.  Her owners were facing family issues that caused disruption to their normal routine.  Tessa was the one in the family who suffered the consequences and she was surrendered to ARG.  Through the help of many wonderful people along the way, Tessa was fostered in TN and adopted by a family in NC.   Tessa’s family had to be strict with her.  Strong leadership was a must for Tessa.   Tessa’s Mom is so determined, strong and dedicated to Tessa!  She has taken her to obedience and graduated with Tessa.  ARG is so proud of their dedication to each other.

Tessa’s Mom sent ARG this photo recently.  Tessa keeping cool in the bathroom when it is so hot this summer!

Tessa in her cool spot 2012
Tessa in her cool spot 2012

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