Toby, age 2, Adopted 5/2014

Toby was born 2/14/12 and he is a sweetheart of a boy. He’s a big boy at 95 lbs of lap dog too! Toby is most happy when he is curled up with you on the couch or on a walk with you or playing with another dog friend. Because of Toby’s size, he does need someone who can walk and manage an exuberant boy of 95lbs of excitement.

Toby lives with another Airedale, his brother and his is good friends with a labradoodle with whom he enjoys play dates.

Toby is a good sleeper and goes to his bed when his family goes to bed at night. When his dad wakes up to make the coffee, Toby gets up too and follows him around. Toby’s a morning person!

Toby is an excellent car rider and will jump in the back seat for a car ride.
One thing that Toby does not care for is grooming. He always looks very nice but he is not happy to be groomed, bathed or have his nails clipped.

Toby has been to training. In fact he went to a training where he stayed overnight and got specialized attention. He even has a video to show you his training!

Toby is up to date, heartworm negative and ready for a loving family!