Toby – Adopted 8/2012


Toby is a young boy Airedale who is learning about toys, being fed regularly and how fun and special it is to have a human who cares for him.  When Toby first came into ARG, he was very shy and timid and Toby found comfort when he was with other dogs.  He loved playing with other dogs but he was very shy of the human touch.  In just a few weeks, Toby has opened up.  He is very happy when he is with his Airedale foster brother Jake.  Toby will chase Jake for toys and then follow Jake back to his mom so she can throw the toy again.  Jake enjoys playing with his mom and Toby likes following Jake around.  Toby is learning so much from Jake.  Toby is starting to learn about toys and has managed to empty the entire toy basket on his own.  His foster mom is taking him to PetCo a few times a week and walking him around.  He no longer cowers or tucks his tale when people approach.  He even took the initiative to approach a couple who stopped to talk to his foster mom when walking in the neighborhood. He is now walking on a lead — with an Easy Walk harness.  He is learning to heel  though nothing consistent yet.  His foster mom is training him on his obedience, the most important command of all – “come” commands.   He is house broken and not had  any accidents in the house.  He is being crate trained although he is not a fan of it.  He uses a wire crate when the foster mom is away from the house.  He is sleeping outside of the crate at night.


Toby – before haircut
Toby shows off his new haircut
Toby – new groom and wash
Toby and his toys!