Todd is adopted

Todd is an extremely sweet boy Airedale who would love a family that can spend lots of time with him. He wants to be with his people all of the time.  He will follow you everywhere.  He is quiet in his mannerisms.  When he climbs onto the bed or couch, he puts his front paws up first, then he slowly lifts the rest of himself up.  He is sly about it!  He is a snuggler and he will climb into your lap and inch his way so that he is so comfy and you are just able to love on him and hold him like a baby.
Todd does have a bark and he will alert you if something is not right.  He knows some very basic obedience.  He walks well on a leash with no pulling. He is excited to see other dogs on walks.  He has a keen eye to see small animals such as a squirrel or a rabbit and of course he knows where every cat lives in the neighborhood.  He plays well with other dogs and attends day care.  He can run really fast and chase and tug on toys with other dogs.
Todd has separation anxiety and his foster mom is working on managing this distress.  Currently he is taking the generic version of Prozac to help him deal with his anxiety but with time, training and trust he should not need the medicine.  Todd came to ARG with heartworm.  He was treated for heartworm at the end of July,he is available for adoption.  He should not live with small dogs or cats. Todd is 2.5 years old.  He is neutered, up to date on all required vaccines and he has been microchipped.  Todd is 49lbs and has the perfect Airedale tail and physique.  His furnishings are the kind that make nice curls.  What a handsome boy!!!