Took (formerly Duke), 4 yr old neutered male, SC – ADOPTED

Took is a very handsome dog. He is a beautiful caramel color with a light saddle.  Took was surrendered to Airedale Rescue Group in December 2019 and adopted in January 2020.  Sadly, he is too much of a dog for the folks who adopted him with some of his behaviors. Took is named after the fictional character from J. R. R. Tolkien’s fantasy novel The Lord of the Rings.

Took is 80 pounds of pure muscle and is your typical 4 year old Airedale, up-to-date on vaccines and is neutered. Took is loving to his people, super-intelligent, robust and physically healthy, and stubborn!   He does not like other dogs and will do best in a home with no other pets, no children, and a strong, experienced leader.  Like many terriers he will dig huge holes in the yard if left to his own entertainment. He is leash trained but can be reactive to other dogs when on leash but can be controlled or redirected (barks, lunges).  He tolerates grooming and is fussy about paws, face and behind, he is a good car rider and loves to eat but is allergic to chicken.  Took is also afraid of thunderstorms and loud noises, and hates cats.

He had an injury of a radial fracture of the front right leg when he was 1 year old and had his right upper molar removed when he was 2 years old.  Took arrived shaved down including his leg trimmings thus that turned out front leg is fairly noticeable, but it certainly does not seem to stop him.  He has lost some weight due to daily exercise but could stand to loose a bit more to help out the joints and that front leg. 

Took has been with our trainer for nearly 3 weeks and is learning to be respectful of other dogs at a distance. She writes that he is walking really well on a leash in loose heels. Easy to correct off of chasing squirrels etc as long as I keep a short leash at my side. He generally chooses to be with me or my husband and is fixated on him when given him some off-leash time. We are working on some general manners such as waiting at doorways, sitting for touch, food or toys and walking at my side. He is very responsive to guidance.   He loves to run and play fetch and tug. He is very respectful with his mouth. No resource guarding.  Took is a super cuddle bug and very much seeks touch and interaction!  He does not seek his crate but goes in when asked and no protests about being left in the crate.

His dog’s reactivity will take time and consistency, but he is taking direction in terms of not reacting when given guidance and showing him I will keep the dogs away. I think Took will need someone that is a clear leader such that he trusts his handler’s direction.

Took has a stunning face and will be gorgeous when his trimmings grow back in.