Tootles, 5 yr old Male/Neutered, NC, Airedale Rescue Group, ADOPTED October 2021

Update: October 1, 2021 We are thrilled to announce Tootles has is very own forever home. 


Update Aug 2021: Tootles loves walks, hanging out in the backyard, meal time is the best time. Pretty serious prey drive – he’ll track the birds in the sky, stalk squirrels in the trees, and definitely can confirm he doesn’t like cats lol. He prefers rugs to hardwood floors when walking but does like the cooler hardwood surface for snoozing. He gets along well with my 50 pound airedale – they finally just started some tug of war playing after 2 weeks. They are both still pretty independent though. I think Tootles is just very talkative and uses growling for communicating which can be kind of confusing. He is a big snuggler and will essentially lay on top of you if given the opportunity and you better stay petting him lol.


Update July 2021:  Tootles has moved to a new foster home in NC. His prior foster loves him, but the cats were driving him nuts!  

Tootles needs his own family who will love him for who he is.  His nasal disease is managed with medications and his adopter will have support for his ongoing medication needs. Please look into your hearts to see if you are the one for Tootles. 


Tootles was surrendered to Huntsville Animal Services for euthanasia due to ongoing health issues.  Thankfully Airedale Rescue group has a great relationship with the shelter manager who contacted us.  Tootles is ready for his forever home! Are you the one for him?

Tootles is a confident, independent, sweet, 80 lb, 5 yr old Airedale boy. He adores his toys, loves romping around in his fenced yard with his toys, and enjoys car rides with the wind in his hair! Walks are his favorite morning routine, with car trips to local trails. While on a leash, he can be reactive when seeing other dogs, however, he enjoys doggie daycare and gets along with dogs his size.
Some of Tootles history is known, but his communication via growling is still a mystery. He has a happy growl when playing which is of no concern, but he’s not a fan of baths, vets, grooming, helping his hind end into the car (he has a ramp so no touching needed!), or picking up his feet to dry off when rainy out. He loves his bed too, so sometimes it’s best to leave him be. He’s never offered anything more than growling with teeth showing, but he needs a patient, kind, and loving response. Sometimes the growls turn into whining, in which case just being there for him and holding him gently is all it takes to show him, love – with so many medical tests complete with minimal diagnoses, it’s tough to know if the growling is associated with pain. Time will tell now that he’s on effective long-term meds. Tootles gives the best body hugs – he’ll crawl up onto your lap and snuggle – he’s truly a wonderful boy, so deserving of love, and will flourish in the right home.
Tootles has great house manners and does not counter surf nor get into things that aren’t his. He does need tough toys as he enjoys chewing them and will tear apart soft toys, typical Airedale! He knows to sit, down, and stay with ease, however, if in the backyard and you ask him to come, he has selective hearing! He isn’t a runner, although if he gets out, grab his favorite treats and the keys, he’ll jump into the car for a treat! He’s not a fan of crunchy treats (prefers soft), and will sometimes eat and drink laying down. He also sits like Pooh bear a lot, but the vet says no hip dysplasia is present at this time.
Tootles will require a lifetime commitment to his nasal disease/chronic rhinitis with medication. He has been prescribed Trazadone (now on 100 mg 2x/day), Piroxicam (10 mg/day) and Azithromycin (300 mg once every 3 days), and Zyrtec (10 mg 2x/day). These medications will cost just about $120 per month.  
Tootles doesn’t really have separation anxiety, but he has ruffled up a few rugs when left in the house alone, so he is confined to the office for a couple of hours when out running errands.
Overall, Tootles is a very special boy who is so deserving of unconditional love, but he does require patience, stability, and kindness. I truly wish I could be his mom for life, but he needs a home without cats. Whoever gets this boy will be very lucky! – Jamie, Foster Mom
Tootles needs his own special person or persons. He will do best in an adult home, no children under 10, no cats and another dog his size would be nice, but he would be ok as a single.
If you are interested in giving this sweet, quirky boy his forever home, please message us or email Approved adopters and prior adopters will be given preference.