Trudi, 8-y-o Airedale, NC – ADOPTED

Trudi is a beautiful, sweet, but timid, Aire-girl, who, at 8 years old, finds herself in need of a new home because she had fleas and her family couldn’t get rid of them with natural methods and would not use any commercial preventative.  We took her into ARG’s care, took her to the vet and she was flea-free within a couple of days. She does have a skin infection that is being treated with medicated baths and is ready for her new home with a family who will ensure that she does not become flea-infested again.

Her former family describes her as housebroken, good with kids, good on leash, good eater, good with grooming, loves to ride in the car, and has so many good qualities they can’t name them all. She has been known to run away if she gets out of her fence (well she is an Airedale, after all!), and they can think of no bad qualities at all. Just the fleas.

Let us know if you are the home she is looking for, where she will live flea-free for the rest of her life in comfort and with love.

Trudi is in foster home in NC.