Tucker, 18-month Male-N, Airedale Rescue Group – TN

Tucker is an 18-month-old, 85-pound Airedale needing to find his forever home.  He is a big lug who does not know his own size.  Tucker will do best initially as an only dog, but does have the potential to share a home once he has learned some manners.

Tucker is being fostered in TN with an experienced Airedale family who writes “Tucker has a loving heart and so wants to be someone’s best dog. He needs work but not much.  Tucker loves to chew- loves ball playing. His listening skills are not the best but he has been in several places before coming here and I can see small changes and improvements.  Drinks a ton and loves the fresh cool water. peed- pooped regularly. He lets you brush him, feet a little iffy, and stretches out for a belly rub; this guy is a mile long. I bet 5″5″ on hind legs! After 2 days here I saw a vast improvement in listening; he so wants to please. Started leash walking outside the backyard; pulls a bit and have not encountered any deer or dogs/ people yet but so far so good.   By the third day, he is mostly settled in.

Commands, sit, down, stay, wait, house, kennel all decent. Off and leave it decent. Continuing with down before food. Takes treats gently. The guy is a big teddy bear but doesn’t know how big he is. And actually, weight-wise we have had bigger but height and length he is in 95% tile.

‘He needs a structured environment with positive commands. A bit pushy going outdoors and sneaky doing so as he waits and goes out behind you. Has some separation issues though in 4 days those have dropped off some. has shown to be a bit mouthy; mild though. Counter surfs a bit and will jump up on people; we are working to correct that. 

If you are an approved adopter with ARG and you would like to give this boy his forever home, please contact us at info@airedalerescuegroup.com.  If you are interested in adopting and live in AL, GA, NC, SC or TN, please complete an adoption application at Adoption Application – Airedale Rescue Group