George (fka Webster), 4-y-o M/N, Fostering/Training, SC

04/05/19 UPDATE:
Trainer Cindy Green has focused this past couple of weeks on bringing George to Woofers (day care) to get a lot of exposure to other dogs and excitement. He is still easily excited by movement, any unfamiliar objects and new dogs . She says that is just George.
When she brings him in first thing in the morning she puts him in a small yard area outside where he can watch all the morning activity, see and smell the other dogs but not interact. With practice he became calmer such that she started bringing him out in the main yard to walk on leash. Over the past two weeks they have progressed to letting him off leash to interact with a group of 6 -8 dogs that match his intensity in play. He actually plays really well , has endless energy, is never aggressive and loves the pool. His main issue is mounting when he is excited. And he will fixate on a particular dog much like his favorite toy and follow it everywhere.

Still not sure that a daycare environment is the best situation for GW but he has good play skills and is a truly happy- go-lucky guy.
He could do well with another dog in the home providing that dog is also very good natured and the owner practices a slow well-supervised introduction. He is still a much better dog when he is well exercised .
He has become much better at relaxing in the evening. He even curls up and sleeps on the dog bed. In the past he always chose the hard floor to sleep. Maybe he is learning to enjoy a little more leisurely life.

George (the trainer says he responds better to this name!) is making progress. The trainer, Cindy Green, says:
“George W really needs a lot more exposure to the world to desensitize him to new things particularly dogs. If there is one word for this guy it would be intense. His intensity borders on OCD type behavior at times . I have seen this behavior in many true high drive working type dogs. On the positive side if you keep a strict routine and you are consistent with your handling these type dogs are great. If left to their own devices they often direct their energy toward bad habits that could become unmanageable obsessions. In general,  daycare is too stimulating for him, but I’m still working on getting him in a less reactive mindset with regard to other dogs. He is otherwise very good in public on leash.”

Weeks of structure and routine with exercise and calm has revealed such a sweet natured dog. He has done much better in the house as he has learned “Place.” He is great on a leash and enjoys walks. He loves to play ball but is  a “lazy Retriever.” To  work on impulse control, the trainer makes him sit and wait a bit before going out for the ball. He has become very polite about waiting. He loves to jump up and catch the ball and then bring it back about 2/3’s of the way and drop it, waiting for her to walk up and get it. Sounds like an Airedale to me!

He loves to ride in the car and is perfectly relaxed and well behaved .  He gets up on the grooming table on cue and is great about being brushed. He is just a great dog!

The trainer is working on his interactions with other dogs and not being reactive to them while on leash. He would really be a good match for someone who enjoys being active and spending a lot of time outside on walks, hikes, playing fetch, and who is home more than they’re away.

George will be challenging to place, but Cindy, the trainer will certainly be available to provide support to a new family, as it will take someone very committed to following thru on training.

If you believe you can provide a stimulating, active home for George, please apply here.

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  1. Very interested in George , please send me information on him , we have owned 2 Airedales and would like another one

    1. Hello, Gary. Thank you for your message about George. He is still with our trainer and will be for a while longer. He will require a dedicated trainer/owner and a lot of physical and mental stimulation. If you are in our region: NC, SC, TN, GA, or AL, please fill out an application to adopt as the first step in the process to be considered for one of our dogs. You’ll find that under the heading, “Adopt,” on our home page. Thank you for your interest.

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