George ADOPTED 08/24/19

July 2019 UPDATE:

George has been in a foster home for 6 months with Cindy Green, a wonderful trainer who has done wonders with many of ARG’s Airedales. George was a special case. At 4 years old, he had been relegated to the back yard since he was 6 months old, much of that time tethered. Everything, everything was new to him – meeting new people, new dogs, children playing, walking on leash, living in a house. But he is a completely different dog today. Here’s the latest from Cindy:George remains a fabulous, sweet, intense dog that just needs a strict routine and regular exercise to direct his energy. Recently on a Saturday walk at the local University campus, there was a kids swim meet underway. People were everywhere, kids were running, the loud speaker was blaring with instructions and George was perfectly calm and well behaved. Even though I had no intention of approaching children, a young boy in swimsuit, soaking wet and barefoot, came charging up from what seemed like nowhere. He was screaming “ I want to pet your dog”. I asked him to please stop and wait and explained George was in training. George sat calmly at my side . When the boy was calm , I released George . He approached slowly and gently. At about this moment I see a women that appears very panicked running toward us. It was the boy’s mother looking for her lost son. Again George sat calmly and waited . The women said “ we just adopted a dog from the shelter and I wish he was as calm and well behaved as your dog”. I wanted to say “good dogs don’t just happen,” but I just smiled.Is your home good for George?

Background: George has become such a good calm dog at home in his daily routine. Weather has been nice so lots of exercise and being outdoors is ideal for him. He loves water including any mud hole (not so great 😀 ). He has been really good off leash with Finn and Grace. He has perfect recall (within their fenced acre). He will be perfect for someone patient and active.

George goes to Woofers (day care) to get a lot of exposure to other dogs and handles the excitement much better than a month ago. He is still easily excited by movement, any unfamiliar objects and new dogs. He actually plays really well, has endless energy, is never aggressive, and loves the pool. George has good play skills and is a truly happy- go-lucky guy. He could do well with another dog in the home providing that dog is also very good natured and the owner practices a slow, well-supervised introduction. He is still a much better dog when he is well exercised.

George is intense and is a true high-drive, working-type dog. If you keep a strict routine and you are consistent with your handling he will be great, but if left to his own devices he could direct his energy toward bad habits. He is very good in public on leash and loves to go on walks. He loves to play ball but is a “lazy retriever.” To work on impulse control, the trainer makes him sit and wait a bit before going out for the ball. He has become very polite about waiting. He loves to jump up and catch the ball and then bring it back about 2/3’s of the way and drop it, waiting for her to walk up and get it.

He loves to ride in the car and is perfectly relaxed and well behaved. He gets up on the grooming table on cue and is great about being brushed. He is just a great dog!

He would really be a good match for someone who enjoys being active and spending a lot of time outside on walks, hikes, playing fetch, and who is home more than they’re away.

Is George the Airedale for you?