Webster, 4-y-o M/N, Fostering/Training, SC

Here is an update on Webster’s progress in training:

Three weeks of structure and routine with exercise and calm has revealed such a sweet natured dog. He has done much better in the house as he has learned “Place.” He is great on a leash and enjoys walks. He loves to play ball but is  a “lazy Retriever.” To  work on impulse control, the trainer makes him sit and wait a bit before going out for the ball. He has become very polite about waiting. He loves to jump up and catch the ball and then bring it back about 2/3’s of the way and drop it, waiting for her to walk up and get it. Sounds like an Airedale to me!

He loves to ride in the car and is perfectly relaxed and well behaved .  He gets up on the grooming table on cue and is great about being brushed. He is just a great dog!

The trainer is working on his interactions with other dogs and not being reactive to them while on leash. So, he is not quite ready to go to his new home. He would really be a good match for someone who enjoys being active and spending a lot of time outside on walks, hikes, playing fetch, and who is home more than they’re away.

If you are interested in Webster or in adopting any Airedale in the future, please fill out the Adoption Application to get the process started.

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