Woody, age approx 2 yrs old – Adopted by foster family

Woody is a sweetheart and loving and wants to lean up against you. He is good natured despite some health issues that he needs to overcome. When Woody was found, his leg was broken and he is heart worm positive. All things Woody will beat!

His coat is nice; it’s really hard to tell because when he was found, he was groomed rather quickly because he was so matted and needed an immediate surgery due to his leg. He is skin & bones and needs a lot of TLC for the next few months as he recuperates from the broken leg and withstands heart worm treatment. He seems to prefer women. When he was at the vet’s he encountered 2 dogs about his size and did not react, nor did they. Of course, the vet’s office is rather neutral and all the dogs could have been more restrained than usual – literally and figuratively.

He rides well in the car. He could put his chin on the back of the car seat and licked the neck of the volunteer who picked him up and he did the same to her friend. He never barked, whined, or complained despite being in pain. Just grateful. He is going to make someone very happy.

Woody will recover from his leg surgery and also treated for heart worm treatment. He is up to date on all vaccines, microchipped and neutered.