Yogi – Adopted 9/2012

Yogi will tackle you with kisses and forever stay by your side!  He wants to please and is so grateful for your attention, his treats and pets.  He has this adorable little dance he does when it’s time to eat – he prances around like a Lipizzaner horse! He has a personality that not many could resist.  Yogi is so appreciative of special treats like a bone to clean his teeth and keep him occupied  He is one of the sweetest dogs you could ever come into contact with.
He is gentle, loves to have his face rubbed, and is smart, although he has not had any real obedience training. He walks
very well on leash, and refuses to walk through a door until after his human does.  That’s a dog that really shows respect!

Yogi has sensitive skin to fleas and food allergies such as soy, wheat and corn.  Just one little flea can send Yogi into a fit of skin irritation and hair loss.  This is easily prevented with use of a monthly flea control application and other easy habits (frequent vacuming, washing dog bedding, etc).  Also – there are plenty of good food options without soy, wheat or corn additives.



He is between 3-4 years old and he is up to date on shots, microchipped, and heartworm negative.  Yogi weighs 59 lbs.  Ideally, Yogi would go to an only dog home where he would receive all the attention in the world from his new family.  Yogi is by no means aggressive but he is so people devoted that he does not care about having another dog sibling.