Zeke, ~2yo Airedale mix, NC, ADOPTED September 2020

UPDATE AUGUST 13, 2020: Nothing is known of Zeke’s history, prior to his being dumped in the parking lot of a Humane Society in mid-July.

He’s somewhere between one and two years old, and weighs 74 lbs, is a healthy eater and liberal drinker. He knows that he should eliminate when he goes outside, but still has the odd accident indoors when his fosters aren’t vigilant about his signals. Three-to-four-hour intervals are fine.

Zeke is not a purebred Airedale, he has a lot of German Shepherd in him. But temperamentally, Airedale fans will find him remarkably familiar. He’s energetic, inquisitive, loving, and eager to please. Physically, he has a finer, shedding coat, an Airedale head, ears, and eyes, and the hindquarters of a Shepherd. He’s very strong, quick, and agile.

He is well-socialized and gets along famously with his two neutered male Airedale companions. He loves to play bitey-face, fetch, and chase. He would benefit from sharing a home with another four-legger – he craves a pack.

He walks on leash pretty well and is less reactive than the two incumbents in his foster household. It appears he was staked outdoors for extended periods before he was surrendered as he has a tender spot on the right side of the base of his neck from (perhaps) running to the end of his restraint. This is gradually improving but occasionally produces a yelp when his collar puts pressure on it. He also had a dreadful sunburn, sorely infected, and aggravated by a flea infection, but that’s been cleared up, and there is unlikely to be any sign remaining of that episode by the time he is welcomed into his forever home.

When he arrived in his foster home, his biggest issue was resource guarding. Now that he’s come to be confident that meals will be served routinely, and toys made available on a regular basis, much of that has disappeared. It would be wise to approach cautiously, however, if he has secured a “treasure” off a counter or some other forbidden place – some vestiges of the guarding may remain. The two “nips” his foster parents have suffered, earlier in his tenure, show that he knows to moderate his bite, and doesn’t try to rip and tear. Still, something to be mindful of as he evolves into a proper domestic companion, from what was likely “yard dog” status in his earlier life.

He’s a big, lovable oaf, and would likely have become a “failed foster” were not his hosts both allergic to animal dander. He will provide an energetic, outdoor-oriented household with a devoted and loving companion for many years. Zeke would be happiest in a setting that features a good-sized, fenced yard.

He’s had a comprehensive medical exam, and the sole matter worthy of note is that he has a slightly malformed socket in his right pelvis, that inclines him towards dysplasia, a common problem with Shepherds, and certainly not unknown with Airedales. Keeping him lean, and lacing his food and treats with Glucosamine, will minimize this risk going forward. He shows NO evidence of any discomfort and can leap vertically at least 12” on his own initiative when allowed to. However, as he ages, keeping all “four on the floor” would be wise.

He’s had all his shots, his medical records will transfer with him, as will a bed, crate, long and short leads, and prong and martingale collars, as well as a supply of his food and some treats he’s familiar with.

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