Zeus, 5yo Male, ADOPTED SEPT. 2018!

Zeus is a handsome neutered Airedale of about 55 pounds who had lived a wonderful life with a devoted dad in Colorado and a female sidekick Airedale until this past January, when he and the female, Lacey, accompanied his dad on a hunting trip to Alabama. Unfortunately, dad had a serious stroke and was hospitalized first in AL, then in Colorado, so Zeus and Lacey stayed in AL with friends. After 7 long months, with dad back in Colorado, it became obvious that he would never be able to live on his own and had to move into a nursing home. His friend of many years, also in Colorado, contacted ARG to take Zeus and Lacey. (See Lacey’s profile.)

The friend lived with the dad for 11 years and knows both dogs well; she even has one of Lacey’s pups from the one litter Lacey had. She describes Zeus as a sweetheart who loves everyone, including kids 7 and up, loves to go on walks, loves to ride in the car, and is okay with other dogs when he’s not with Lacey. He was accustomed to a fenced yard but lived in the house and is house-broken and very spoiled. He was great with the Shih-Tzu that lived in the home. He followed Lacey everywhere she went and is very mellow. Zeus is afraid of thunderstorms and found ways to escape his outdoor kennel during them. Nowadays, however, we know that thunder-phobic dogs have options of OTC meds or prescriptions meds that work well.

We know that Zeus has not been on heartworm preventative in the time he’s been in AL (and we’re not sure about prior to that) and has lived in an outside kennel. Zeus is with a trusted vet in AL where he will be checked over head-to-toe, brought up to date on all vaccines, tested and treated for any parasites, bathed, microchipped, and boarded until we can find a suitable foster/forever home. He’ll need a good grooming.

We believe Zeus will be happy with plenty of exercise, lots of back rubs, maybe an adolescent kid or two, and another dog to play with. He’ll love a nice back yard to run around in.

Zeus is going to his foster home this week. It may be his forever home. Paws crossed!

4 Replies to “Zeus, 5yo Male, ADOPTED SEPT. 2018!”

    1. Hi, Ed. Thanks for your comment about Zeus. Your name is familiar. Have you applied to adopt from Airedale Rescue Group before?

      1. Hey Jackie, yes we have before. We live in MA and are plugged into N.E.A.R as well, I am always on the lookout for any males in our area but it always seems like they are always down South or out West.

        1. That’s why I remember your name. We do get more here in the South. So, I guess you just need to move down here, Ed. Do you visit the page, “Airedale Mixes”? Often you question the designation, but sometimes you will find dogs with a lot of ‘dale in them. Good luck, Ed.

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