Zeus, M, 2.5 yr old, Adopted November 2020

Zeus loves going for walks and runs and is a curious 2.5-year-old Airedale.  He is a big dog weighing in at close to 80 pounds with a very curly coat that does shed if not groomed.   Zeus is very dominant and plays roughly, is vocal, mouthy, and will dig when bored and left to his own devices.  Zeus plays with his 5-year-old Airedale brother but is very dominant at time and overwhelms him. Zeus is crate trained although he has broken out of a crate before.  

Zeus prefers females.  He has chased one of the younger boys in the home while the boy was on his ATV and bit him causing bruising.   

Zeus will benefit from being neutered, which ARG will ensure is done, and attending a balanced training program with his new person as he has not had any formal training.   Airedale Rescue Group prefers that Zeus live in an adult home only and will not consider a family with children for prospective adoption.

Can you provide Zeus an adult only home?   If the answer is yes, please complete the adoption application.  If you have already applied, please contact ARG.