Ziggy – Adopted 9/2012

Ziggy and a toy….paw of his foster sister in the photo too!

Ziggy Ziggy Zoom Zoom!  Our Ziggy is so fast to play; come to you; please you; whatever you want – Ziggy wants to be with you.  He is an 18 mos old Airedale and is about 70lbs.  He is fostering with a family with a young boy, two Airedale girls and kitty cats!  Ziggy is super sweet –  he likes his people and enjoys attention from his people.  We’re finding that he is smart and  knows a few commands (sit, shake, lay) and loves to play ball. He knows his name too.    Ziggy is crate trained and house trained.  He is a good sleeper at night and he walks decently on the leash.   When he walks, it is an elegant trot – like he is showing off for the blue ribbon.  During the day he is crated so that he keeps out of mischief – afterall, he is 18 mos old.   He can get mouthy when playing..not aggressive at all, but just his way of playing when he gets excited.. He’s still going through his chewing phase – and he tends to destroy versus just chew…he has a hard time telling the difference between dog toys and kid toys.  Oh, and he might have been caught  chewing on the wood decking outside and he’s put teeth on the living room table a few times (he stops when he’s caught)! Remember – he is a puppy with no leadership or discipline until he came into ARG care within the past few weeks.

Ziggy in the kitchen – in case someone wants to feed him a treat.
Ziggy hangin’ in the kitchen!