Zoey, 5-1/2-y-o F/S, ADOPTED APRIL 2020!

This beautiful Aire-girl is looking for a new home where she is the only dog and doesn’t have to compete for attention. She loves her humans and will bond quickly with you, especially if you have lots of treats. She loves to learn new things, is attuned to you,  and knows lots of fun tricks, according to her mom. She is eager to please, has a very relaxed nature about her when she is comfortable and is low maintenance for the most part. 

She has been known to counter-surf (she is an Airedale, after all), so you wouldn’t want to leave anything enticing in her reach. She will try to pull on leash, but when you say “side,” she’ll return to heel position beside you. Watch out if she sees another dog; that’s when you’ll understand the strength of her 50 lbs. 

Zoey has been living with another female Airedale about her age and they really don’t like each other and have to be kept separated. So, Zoey needs to be the only big dog around. She doesn’t mind the owner’s little chihuahua-mix and they mostly ignore each other. 

Zoey does have a medical issue that will most likely be chronic and long-term, though not life-threatening. She has Pannus in one eye. This link tells you all about it: https://vcahospitals.com/know-your-pet/pannus-in-dogs.

Do you have room in your heart and home for a lovely, sweet, eager-to-please Airedale-girl who will give you years of laughs and love and be a devoted companion? Zoey is the one!


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  1. I am interested in Zoey. I sent a application months ago. Someone called and left a voice apologizing for taking so long to get back to me. I called the number that she left on the message. No one has ever called back.
    Carol Rippy

    1. Hi, Carol. Our Volunteer Pat Hairston was to call you but she has had a lot of family/work issues and been unable to help as much as she wanted. I can call you later today if that’s okay. Thank you for your patience, Jackie Cash.

    1. Good morning, Helen. Thank you for your message. To be considered to adopt from ARG, please visit our web site and fill out an application: https://www.AiredaleRescueGroup.com/adoption. One of our volunteers will contact you to go over your application once it is received and learn more about your home and lifestyle. Then, we will ask one of our volunteers to schedule a home visit with you. Once you are approved, we will consider you for any Airedale that would work with your family. Thank you for considering a rescued Airedale and we look forward to receiving your application. Jackie Cash

    1. Hello, Ollie. Thank you for your message. We always love to hear from people who know Airedales. To be considered for adoption (if you are in our region: NC, SC, TN, GA, or AL), please go to https://airedalerescuegroup.com and click “Adopt” and complete an application. One of our volunteers will contact you to discuss the application. After that we will check your references and arrange a home visit by one of our volunteers. Once you have been approved, we will consider you for any Airedale we have. Thank you for your interest in a rescued Airedale. If you are NOT in our region, please go to https://airedalerescue.net and choose Regional Rescue Contacts to find a representative near you.

  2. Part of the problem I see is that you will not let someone adopt outside of your region. I Inquired about Zoe awhile back and the response was to fill out an application. I have since adopted a 4 year old female airedale. She is lovely.
    I am writing to encourage you to look at homes for Zoe outside your region. My husband and I would have been perfect. This our our 6th Airedale rescue and there is just one dog in our home. Please look at other applicants. You can always interview people by Zoom and Zoe could be shipped by plane. We have had 2 of our rescues sent by plane to us.

    Thank you for what you do and I hope Zoe finds a home soon.
    Helen McArdle

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